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Web Services

Ursa Creative is currently at capacity for projects and has an extensive backlog at the moment. We are not accepting new projects at this time. We apologize for any inconvenience and thank our community and partners for their continued support. Mìgwech.

What We Specialize In

Indigenous Organizations

Majority of our team has worked within an Indigenous organization before joining Ursa. We understand the unique needs having experienced the inner workings of Indigenous entities. Our past and continued experiences in Indigenous culture allow us to take what we’ve learned and bolster our Indigenous approach.


We are team that has a background of working with and for non-profits. We understand how crucial non-profits and their services are to create thriving communities. Whether it’s creating a system to capture information for a funder, or a building a new website to increase the digital interaction with your community we know what’s important when working for non-profits.

The Victoria Native Friendship Centre with a totem pole in front.
close up of Ursa Creative laptop with an ISPARC poster in the background.

Data Solutions

Data presents both challenges and opportunities when it comes to non-profits and businesses. Organizations can use it to make more informed business programming decisions, which can then be used to advocate for funding or secure more sales. On the other hand, it can be a liability and serious area of vulnerability if used or stored incorrectly. The real difference is how you handle and draw insights from your data. We guide our clients through the complexities of navigating protection, privacy, security, storage, ownership, control, access, and everything else the in the data world. We work with clients to ensure they are handling data ethically, responsibly, and for the benefit of their communities.

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