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Who We Are

Our Story

We are an Indigenous technology company

It all started by supporting the Indigenous non-profit space.

In 2018, we were working within the Friendship Centre movement – a collection of urban non-profit community centres created to help Indigenous people transition from their communities to the cities in Canada.

While working within this space, we realized that many of these Centres were using outdated technology affecting workplace efficiency. We saw a need to support, develop, and update technologies such as websites, technology policies, and data systems within Indigenous Community.

Our founders, who are Algonquin Anishinabeg from Kitigan Zibi Anishinabeg came together to combine our energy and skills, and we began building modern websites and custom software part-time. The results of these systems increased work efficiency and digital traffic. Word of mouth about our work spread and we became so busy that work became full-time.

The need for Indigenous technology was clear, so we founded Ursa Creative.

Ursa Creative team walking and talking while wearing orange shirts.
Two Ursa Creative members, Brendan Decontie and Kanika Verma, standing at a desk during a youth conference.

Starting in the non-profit space, we understood the importance of non-profit work and giving back. Our commitment to Community is to build systems and technologies that will have a positive social impact. We continue to support our Community with and without technology.

Whether it’s cooking fry bread for attendees at National Indigenous Peoples Day events, managing the registration for a province-wide Youth gathering, building and donating a website for a local reconciliation dialogue table, or helping Elders with technology; we plant our feet in Community and give back.

Our goals as a company are always to give back to the community; through our work, through our volunteer efforts, and through our own programs. Whether we’re building a system, designing a website, or teaching Elders how to use technology – everything we do is about community.

We’re always happy to connect and see if our team can help with any initiative. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you’re looking for volunteers or think we can partner in some way.

Ursa team learning from Elder Glen Patterson about making drums.
Ursa Creative team sitting together in their office space.

Our Team

The Ursa Team are skilled professionals with backgrounds in Indigenous, non-profit, and technology spaces.

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