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The Indigenous Perceptive Society (IPS) is an organization that offers specialized training and services to Indigenous children, families and businesses. The trainings cover subjects such as: Aboriginal social work, community and family support, cultural perspectives, justice and equity, and leadership and governance practices.

IPS reached out as they needed a new website, since their old site was outdated, bloated, and had lots of missing information for IPS’s growing programs and initiatives. We were excited by the chance to build a site for a local Indigenous urban agency that serviced BC and Canada.

We worked with the executive of IPS to determine a design theme, and we knew they wanted it branded with their signature red colour, as well as incorporating the white and black of their logo. Having so much information on their site, we knew we needed to make the structure clear, and make it very simple for users to navigate around the site.

A tablet showing the Indigenous Perspective Society website.
A black and white close up of a totem pole face.

After several back and forth design discussions, we settled on an open and wide design, giving more space to what could have been a crowded content-heavy site. This worked well with the white colour, allowing us to use the white space, and the red to highlight specific areas and important parts of the site.

In addition, we had to connect the website with both the calendar feature to show all their trainings and events they were running, in addition to their training site directly. This was done through an external API, and an integration on our end. Our partnership resulted in additional work over the next couple years.

Indigenous Perspective Society was very happy with the final product, especially with the calendar integrations, which took a lot of time to manage previously. The new site is running significantly faster, with significant improvements in uptime, as well as an increase in their search engine optimization. After launch, we visited their newly renovated office and met their hardworking and dedicated team. We continue to manage their site today.

A head shot of a mother and child hugging in front of the ocean.

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