BCAAFC Website

A tablet with the BC Association of Aboriginal Friendship Centres website.

The BCAAFC came to us in 2018 to redesign their website, as it was outdated and difficult to manage. The BCAAFC also understood how important an active online presence was in order to communicate with stakeholders, keep their membership up to date, and stay transparent and accessible.

Going into the project and learning what the BCAAFC was and did, we approached the website knowing that the key to the site would be getting pertinent information to the BCAAFC’s very varied stakeholders. With so many diverse programs, it might be easy for a site user to get lost or confused where the information they need is. Our focus became clear: concise information on each page, and reworking the page structure completely. This would make navigation through the site much easier, and be much more intuitive to a site visitor. This went hand in hand with finding page layouts that displayed the best information the easiest to the viewer.

We also redesigned the site’s feel, including colours and language. This would give the site a fresh, more modern look. Lastly, we set up an easy to edit back end so that the BCAAFC staff could make changes and updates to the site themselves, without the need to rely on external companies to make changes for them.

The BCAAFC site launched and was a great success. In addition to the changes we made, information is now kept up to date on the site. Some additional benefits are that resources are available to members right on the site itself, so they can access crucial documents, press releases, links, resources, funding supports and more directly from the website without the need to contact someone. This, in addition to things like a job board for the Friendship Centre movement in BC, an integrated newsletter, an integrated SafeSpace app, and clear Covid updates have provided benefits not only to the BCAAFC but to the entire Friendship Centre movement, which supports more than 4,500 people weekly.

We’re proud to have a part in providing support to urban Indigenous people. We continue to provide ongoing support to the BCAAFC and their staff around their website.