Savage Society


Savage Society



Savage Production Society is an Indigenous art and theatre company. They are well known for their award-winning plays including ‘Where the Blood Mixes,’ ‘Skyborn,’ and their ‘Songs of the Land’ series. They bring a modern twist and Indigenous perspective to all their plays and stories.

We were approached by Savage Society to redesign their unmanaged, outdated site and make it more modern. As a theatrical design focus, we chose a dark theme with bright images, giving the impression of being at the theatre. We also built an interactive timeline to highlight all of their past events.
The site was launched alongside the ‘Indigenous Cities’ event being run by the National Arts Centre as sister sites. Stories and events local to Vancouver were displayed, generating thousands of visitors in the first few weeks. In addition, the site was used to raise money for the relief of the BC forest fires during the summer of 2021.