Old Massett Village Council


The Old Massett Village Council



The Old Massett Village Council oversees a community of over 5,000 residents on the Haida Gwaii archipelago. The community is known for its long history of fishing, sustainability, and self-governance. The council provides many services including housing supports, equipment rentals, emergency services, and education. They needed a central hub of information for their community to access information for all of their many services in a single location.

Curating the content for the site was a challenge. Old Massett has many sectors, all with their own unique needs and functions. We engaged with as many stakeholders as we could to ensure the new site would work for all departments, as well as each one individually. There was an opportunity to unify the client experience and help facilitate coordination between different services. We wanted users to be able to easily access any department’s services from one location.

The final site brought many sectors together into a single design, helping to promote a unified experience. Users are now able to request any department’s services from one location, which are automatically directed to the correct department, reducing confusion and wasted time. Additionally, the Old Massett Village Council can now serve community better with a job board, news posts, and an event calendar.