Maniwaki NFC


Maniwaki Native Friendship Center



The Maniwaki Native Friendship Centre (MNFC) strives to improve the quality of life of urban Indigenous people by providing support services, advocacy, information and referrals on programs and services developed for Indigenous families living or passing through the region of Maniwaki.
The MNFC was looking for a website in both French and English that could display their commitment to Community online. As Covid shut down or limited a lot of their programming, the need was greater than ever for an online presence to keep their membership informed. As a new Centre, they did not have any previous website content.

The MNFC based much of their programming off the medicine wheel, and wanted to incorporate that in some way. Having four bold colours on the screen was a challenge, so we chose to incorporate it with images to better express the sections of the site.

Maniwaki Native Friendship Centre’s new site allows them to communicate effectively with their membership about their programming, allow visitors to apply for membership, keep viewers up to date on events and includes a local job board.