Indigenous Perspective Society


Indigenous Perspective Society



The Indigenous Perceptive Society (IPS) is an organization that offers specialized training and services to Indigenous children, families and businesses. The trainings cover subjects such as: Aboriginal social work, community and family support, cultural perspectives, justice and equity, and leadership and governance practices.

Their two existing sites had become large and unwieldy over the past few years. Because of the bloat, updates were difficult to perform, the sites suffered from slow speed and server issues, crashing constantly. We decided that a full site rebuild would be the best option, and didn’t want to deviate from their old design too much, as users had grown familiar with it. We wanted to focus on organizing all the training and services they offered, so we designed a custom calendar system that pulled data directly from their management system. This allowed the site to stay up-to-date with no work required from IPS’s team. Navigation was simplified by standardizing the user flows and training pages, removing redundancies and reducing the website bloat.

IPS was very happy with the final product, especially with the calendar integrations, which took a lot of time to manage previously. The new site is running significantly faster, with significant improvements in uptime.